Who We Are

Initially established to serve the needs of a single family, TTL Consultants progressively grew to become the innovative and all- inclusive multi-family office it is today.
Strong of our decades of experience and vast expertise in a variety of global industries, markets and asset classes, we design tailored investment and wealth management strategies to help our clients meet their financial and lifestyle objectives and ensure the safety of their wealth and legacy throughout generations.

What We Do

We offer our global clientele of ultra-net worth individuals and their families a wide variety of wealth and lifestyle management services which include:

  • Investment & Wealth Management
  • Tax optimisation
  • Succession Planning
  • Family Governance
  • High-end Concierge services
  • Charity & Philanthropy

Our Philosophy

Our vast experience has taught us that no two families are alike. Because each of our clients is exceptional and has unique needs and goals, our consultants fully customise all our services to fit their specific needs.
TTL Consultants prides itself in the global and multidisciplinary backgrounds of its advisors, from private banking, wealth management and investment advisory to tax optimization and family counselling.
Our broad expertise allows us to provide expert family office and investment management services without geographical boundaries or market limitations.
Additionally, we believe in truly getting to know our clients and their family values to achieve optimal results. Only by building strong and long-lasting partnerships with our clients can we make their objectives our mission.

Our Services

Investment & Wealth Management
We start by assessing your financial situation, needs, risk profile and short to long-term objectives. This overall assessment allows us to design tailored asset allocation and wealth management strategies which include both traditional and alternative assets. Such portfolio diversification is essential to prevent, manage and mitigate risks while optimising profits.
Tax optimisation

Our accounting specialists help you prevent unnecessary expenses by organising your portfolio tax-efficiently. They also ensure optimal after-tax returns by designing innovative income and capital tax optimisation strategies. Additionally, our services include assistance in the preparation of both personal income, business, estate, and trust tax returns.

Succession & Estate Planning

We help you identify the most suitable relative to take up the reins of your family business once you retire and assist in the alteration and update of a will, the creation of a trust fund and the designation trustees. Our goal is to ensure the durability of your family business and legacy by organising the distribution of your wealth and assets after your passing.

Family Governance

Our expert family counsellors act as mediators and communication facilitators. They assist you in the redaction of a family charter and the creation of a family council. They also support the organisation of frequent family council meetings to solve any family business- related disagreement and prevent the development of irresponsible wealth management behaviours.

High-end Concierge services
Our global concierge services include the management of business and private bank accounts, support in the selection of educational courses for the younger generation and assistance in the management of household, plane and yacht staff. Additionally, we offer global chauffeur services as well as travel booking and itinerary planning assistance.
Charity & Philanthropy

TTL Consultants have a long experience helping ultra-net-worth individuals and their families accomplish their charitable giving objectives in tax-efficient ways. Our services include the design of tailored philanthropic giving programs and support in the establishment and monitorisation of donor-advised funds (DAFs) and the creation of trusts, charitable foundations and philanthropic organisations.


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